Florida Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Testimonial

Here is an attorney video for Orlando Florida Federal Criminal defense attorney, Mark Horwitz.

His client was accused of Money Laundering among several other Federal Charges. This video testimonial is more of a case study of the clients experience, and demonstrates the need to find the best Federal Criminal Defense attorney possible if you are accused of a Federal Crime by the United States Government.

This video was produced by Video SEO Expert, Ian Garlic and the team at authenticWEB.

Three Don’t s for Web Design For Attorneys

What to avoid when planning your next legal website.

Your website is THE most crucial piece of marketing to the success of your law firm.  IF you are building a new website there are a lot of things you should do, but there are a few critical mistakes made that can make your $20,000 investment worth less.

First, don't make your law firm web design look like other law firms.  On the internet you want to stand out.  Copying a successful law firm's website will not duplicate their success. Be brave, stand out.

Second, avoid the Firehose Approach to your website.  Having to much visible at a given time will overwhelm the user.  No choice will be their choice.

Third, don't use stock images on your website.  When most users see a stock image, they believe that either you have something to hide or you don't have enough money to make a good website.  If you don't have enough money for a good website, how can you be a successful attorney?

In contrast, amazing custom photographs by a fantastic photographer will make you website amazing.

For what to think about when planning your next law firm website, watch this video from authenticWEB, an Orlando Web Design firm that makes website for lawyers throughout the country.


New York Premises Liability Lawyer Discusses Implications of Airbnb Rentals

New York premises liability lawyer Steve Orlow of the Orlow Firm posts a new article to his website discussing the implications of short-term home rental company Airbnb.

With the widespread success of home-sharing companies like Airbnb comes a lot of questions and precarious situations. If someone is injured or damages property while occupying an Airbnb rental, determining liability is not always clear. If you are injured in an Airbnb rental, you have no assurance that Airbnb, the host or the host's landlord will be liable for negligence or compensate you for your injuries. Likewise, if you are an Airbnb host and a renter vandalizes your home or steals your property, you may find your homeowner's insurance policy inadequate to cover this type of harm.

If you or a loved one has suffered injury or property damage in connection with a home sharing rental, contact the New York premises liability attorneys at the Orlow Firm.

New York personal injury attorney discusses wintertime slip and falls

New York personal injury attorney Steve Orlow posts a new article on his website about the dangers of wintertime slip and falls and what qualifies as a negligent act.

Icy conditions in northern parts of the US often lead to dangerous conditions for pedestrians. In some cases, an injured pedestrian may be entitled to bring a lawsuit against a property owner for negligence. Property owners are responsible for adequately maintaining the conditions of the sidewalks and parking lots outside of their businesses or residences and ice and snow must be removed properly. Additionally, municipalities like the City of New York also have an obligation to maintain city-owned property in a reasonably safe condition.

While proving negligence is not always easy, you may be able to recover the cost of your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and the loss of your ability to engage in regular day to day activities.

If you are injured in a wintertime slip and fall accident, it is critical to act quickly to preserve evidence and documentation of both your injuries and the conditions that caused them. The experienced New York slip and fall attorneys at the Orlow Firm can help. Call 866-959-7202 today.

Ian Garlic, Expert in Marketing For Personal Injury Marketing, Launches New Post

Ian Garlic, an expert in in marketing Personal Injury Attorney website design and Search Engine Optimization launches a new blog series "#38 Biggest Mistakes Made By Personal Injury Attorneys". The series is meant to help personal injury law firms avoid the pitfalls of online marketing.

Considered to be an expert in marketing law firms online, Ian Garlic has started this free series because he was concerned with the growing number of fallacies out there.  "Because of the volume of information and low barrier to entry, I have seen way to many great attorneys fall victim to wasted marketing dollars. Worse than not marketing their business properly, not heeding these mistakes can cause a personal injury attorney actually harm their business".

Ian is currently the CEO of authenticWEB, ranked a leader in local SEO and Web design.

Long Island NY Elder Care Lawyer | New York Certified Elder Law Attorneys

Long Island Elder Law Attorneys Raskin & Makofsky

Judith Raskin and Ellen Makofsky are knowledgeable Long Island elder care attorneys. They have dedicated their practice to helping clients with any elder law needs -- their firm's motto is "Plan today, for tomorrow."

Certified Elder Law Attorneys

Judith and Ellen's commitment to elder law shows, and they have been recognized as experts in their field. As certified elder law attorneys, when you work with Judith and Ellen, you can be sure that you are speaking with attorneys that are knowledgeable and dedicated.

Suing after Cruise Accidents like the Carnival Triumph

There are a lot of great cruises out there but sometimes things go wrong.  You can sue if you have been injured on a cruise ship, injured by another passenger.  You can sue for emotional distress like that caused to the passengers swimming in filth in the Carnival Triumph.

The problem lies in that many casino cruises are run in the United States but actually incorporated in other countries such as the Bahamas and also are under maritime law, instead of personal injury law.  Regardless, if you feel like you have been injured in any way, you should contact a Personal Injury Attorney right away.

Make sure, even if you are on a free Casino Trip that you understand you rights before going on the vacation.

Recent Tax Audits in Colorado of Marijuana Growers and Dispensaries May be Part of Federal Crackdown

Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney writes on his blog about IRS Audits of Marijuana Dispensaries that they may be a part of the way the United States Government is responding to recent changes in state laws regarding the possession and use of Marijuana.   Colorado, Washington and California are three states have made marijuana legal.  These amendments are not in accordance with Federal Narcotics Laws.   So Federal Charges may be levied against those in possession of or manufacturing marijuana, especially in large amounts.

The Federal Authorities said they are not doing this, however an IRS audit often begins with an IDR or Information Document Request  .  This often gives way to the discovery of criminal activity leading to federal charges against the Marijuana Dispensaries.

Denver Drug Defense Lawyer Comments on Ryan Leaf’s Arrests

During the weekend of Friday, March 30 - Monday, April 2, Ryan Leaf, a former #2 overall draft choice in the 1998 NFL draft, was arrested twice on similar charges of burglary and criminal drug possession in his hometown of Great Falls, Montana.

Denver Drug Defense Attorney Doug Richards comments:

Public figures often find their criminal problems in the news, making Mr. Leaf's case that much more difficult. Judges, prosecutors and the public hold him to a higher standard because of his celebrity and he may find it difficult to get a fair trial on these new charges. He also faces the possibility of enhanced penalties and statutory minimums due to the fact that he was charged with new felonies while on a felony probation.

This also demonstrates that probation is not always the best option for clients. Probation keeps you out of prison because any jail sentence is suspended on the condition that you successfully complete probation and all related conditions. However, if your drug addiction has taken over your life, probation can be very dangerous because the judge can bring you back on a motion to revoke the probation when something like this happens. The cycle can last for years and years, whereas a short jail sentence on the front end of the case may have been a better choice.

While Leaf's celebrity is sure to have helped him in many aspects of his life, when facing the court system Denver Burglary Attorney Doug Richards says this can hinder his case. It is important Leaf seeks counsel that is experienced in high profile cases and will make sure he receives a fair trial.

Gary Lozow Client Acquitted of Assault Charges

A jury deliberated for only 20 minutes before returning a verdict of not guilty for former Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO, Jeffrey Campos. Gary Lozow represented Campos, who had been accused of assault by former mistress Jennifer Reins. Gary Lozow argued that his client was guilty of adultery, but not of assault. The prosecution claimed Campos had "snapped" during an argument and grabbed Reins' arms and choked her. Gary Lozow contested that while his client did grab Reins' wrists, it was in self defense and that Reins was the aggressor. Testimony from Reins' previous boyfriends that claimed she had a violent streak backed up Lozow's argument.