Costs And Fees Of Adoption

Most public agencies place only children with special needs, which is defined differently in each state. Up-front fees & expenses range from zero to $2,500, including travel & attorney's fees. Most states, under a federal match program, will reimburse non-recurring adoption expenses up to a set limit (which cannot exceed $2,000).
Federal & state adoption subsidies may be available for the continued care of children with special physical, mental, or emotional needs; the adoption subsidy agreement must be negotiated & signed before the kid's adoption is finalized. However, there is a process whereby adoption subsidy can be applied for or renegotiated after finalization, but only under positive conditions.
In addition, some children qualify for SSI (Social Security Insurance) payments or Medicaid coverage because of their medical conditions.
After families have finished the adoption of a child with special needs from the public child welfare process, they may be able to apply for reimbursement of expenses they paid related to the adoption, which may include home study fees, travel expenses to meet the child, attorney fees, etc. Each state sets a maximum cap which cannot exceed $2,000 per adoption.

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