Denver Drug Defense Lawyer Comments on Ryan Leaf’s Arrests

During the weekend of Friday, March 30 - Monday, April 2, Ryan Leaf, a former #2 overall draft choice in the 1998 NFL draft, was arrested twice on similar charges of burglary and criminal drug possession in his hometown of Great Falls, Montana.

Denver Drug Defense Attorney Doug Richards comments:

Public figures often find their criminal problems in the news, making Mr. Leaf's case that much more difficult. Judges, prosecutors and the public hold him to a higher standard because of his celebrity and he may find it difficult to get a fair trial on these new charges. He also faces the possibility of enhanced penalties and statutory minimums due to the fact that he was charged with new felonies while on a felony probation.

This also demonstrates that probation is not always the best option for clients. Probation keeps you out of prison because any jail sentence is suspended on the condition that you successfully complete probation and all related conditions. However, if your drug addiction has taken over your life, probation can be very dangerous because the judge can bring you back on a motion to revoke the probation when something like this happens. The cycle can last for years and years, whereas a short jail sentence on the front end of the case may have been a better choice.

While Leaf's celebrity is sure to have helped him in many aspects of his life, when facing the court system Denver Burglary Attorney Doug Richards says this can hinder his case. It is important Leaf seeks counsel that is experienced in high profile cases and will make sure he receives a fair trial.