New York personal injury attorney discusses wintertime slip and falls

New York personal injury attorney Steve Orlow posts a new article on his website about the dangers of wintertime slip and falls and what qualifies as a negligent act.

Icy conditions in northern parts of the US often lead to dangerous conditions for pedestrians. In some cases, an injured pedestrian may be entitled to bring a lawsuit against a property owner for negligence. Property owners are responsible for adequately maintaining the conditions of the sidewalks and parking lots outside of their businesses or residences and ice and snow must be removed properly. Additionally, municipalities like the City of New York also have an obligation to maintain city-owned property in a reasonably safe condition.

While proving negligence is not always easy, you may be able to recover the cost of your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and the loss of your ability to engage in regular day to day activities.

If you are injured in a wintertime slip and fall accident, it is critical to act quickly to preserve evidence and documentation of both your injuries and the conditions that caused them. The experienced New York slip and fall attorneys at the Orlow Firm can help. Call 866-959-7202 today.