Slip and Fall Accidents

If someone slips and falls, who is responsible depends on the jurisdiction.
Our lawyers are experienced with New York law, so they can figure out who is liable
for the accident. From there, they can help the injured person (or his or her
surviving family members) recover damages for pain and suffering, medical bills,
and lost wages.

Overall, a property owner is likely to be liable if:

  • He or she actively caused conditions to be unsafe
  • He or she was unaware of the unsafe conditions but didn’t fix them
  • He or she should have known about the unsafe conditions because he
  • or she left a reasonable person in charge of the property.

If any of these conditions exist in your slip and fall accident, make sure to
gather information (e.g. names, phone numbers, addresses) from any eyewitnesses
and from the property owner. Then, contact an experienced slip and fall accident
lawyer to discuss your case.

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