What is the legal process for a misdemeanor drug crime? | NYC Drug Crimes Attorney

Misdemeanor drug possession charges in New York often result in a Desk Appearance Ticket, also known as a DAT. Before issuing such a ticket, the arresting officer must first take the person accused of possession to the police station and run a record check. If the accused person does not have a criminal record and has no active warrants against them, the officer will typically issue a DAT. The DAT specifies a future date that the individual must appear in court.

If you have been given a Desk Appearance Ticket for misdemeanor drug possession, it is important to seek legal representation. New York City drug crimes attorney Paul D. Petrus, Jr. represents individuals accused of drug possession in all five boroughs of New York. To arrange a free consultation with Mr. Petrus, contact The Law Office of Paul D. Petrus, Jr. & Associates at (212) 564-2440, or visit their website.